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Clara Bea Essentials® was developed out of our love for natural and holistic ingredients combined with our love for beauty and wellness products.  We provide all natural specialty products for your hair and skin. Our mission is to develop  personal care products that will allow your hair and skin to flourish without the use of harsh chemicals.  The word essential is defined as something basic and necessary needed to sustain life.  We hope our products will become an essential part of your life. 




Our handmade products for women are made with ingredients to make you feel and look your best. Clara Bea Essentials ® products are made with natural ingredients that nourishes your hair and skin. We strive to make our products effective and affordable.  Women can wear their hair in just about any way they want with the right products and style technique.  There is no such thing as "my hair is too kinky or unmanageable". We appreciate and love all hair types.




Clara Bea Essentials®  provides a three piece all natural beard care set used by many to tame the most unruly beard hairs.  Our Bea's Beard Care line softens beard hairs, reduces itchiness, and promotes hair growth.  It is important to use products specially designed for beard hairs in order to reduce irritation to your face and neck.  Our products are made with natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to provide the best results.





Our Everything Baby™ is perfect for hydrating the skin after bath or as part of your baby's daily skincare regimen.  A daily massage is proven to heal and strengthen bonding time for parent and baby.  Harsh chemicals can be both damaging and cause long term affects to your baby.  Our product is nut-free and gluten-free therefore it is safe for those most sensitive skins.

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